Timing is everything..or is it?

It was the second day of my trip and it was bucketing down with rain from the time we arrived the night before. Proper deluge. The plan was to visit Ephasus, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Temperature was approximately 12 degrees, and for us South Africans, we don’t usually move when it’s that cold. Yeeessshhh. So what now? We were only going to be in the town for 3 days, and the forecast for the rest of the week wasn’t looking any better.

We get to the destination. We drive through puddles that resemble lakes, however the rain lets up for a bit. It’s still freezing, but we came somewhat dressed for the occasion and that helps just a little. If you haven’t experienced it yet, 12 degrees is ridiculously cold. As we walk through the entrance, the clouds open and give the sun a chance to shine on us. What a relief.

Ok, I’m sure you wondering, is this going to be a whole rant about the weather. Don’t worry I’m getting there. So we walking through this site, and wow. This place is amazing. How is it possible for something of this magnitude and beauty be built 3000 years ago? How is it possible for so much to still be standing?


As we walk through and marvel, my mouth basically being dragged on the floor at every turn. It is just that jaw dropping. Walking all the way from end to end, taking pictures as tourists do. Knowing full well, that no picture would ever do justice to what I’m seeing. Before I know it, nearly 2 hours have passed. We make the turn to head back, and as soon as we turn the pathway we just walked up is filled with tourists. Where did they come from? And at this moment it hits me. “Timing is everything”.

What does this really mean. We had arrived on what was meant to be holiday in a full on storm. The forecast didn’t show any signs of us getting “Holiday weather”. We drove through lakes and braved blistering cold. But here we were, enjoying one of the most visited and beautiful sites to enjoy almost all to ourselves. Mind you, with the sun arriving at the same time as us. Perfect timing right. An hour earlier and we would’ve been walking in a storm. An hour later and we would be walking in a storm of tourists. “Timing is everything.”

But none of this was planned this way, not by me anyway. I was recently introduced to a concept regarding time. Some people live “in time”. They are often watching the clock. Always chasing that deadline, losing track of time and how long they’ve been doing something. So often late. The time on their watch rules their lives but somehow is not their friend. I’m sure you know someone like that, if it isn’t you. The opposite of this are those who live “through time”. They on time and punctual. Always seem to know exactly where and when they need to be at any point without chasing the clock. It’s almost as if time doesn’t exist in the way they operate, but they are always where they need to be. This is exactly how I felt at this very moment.

“TIMING IS EVERYTHING!!” But how much of it can we control? How can we be in the right place at the right time? How is it possible to get it all right? That time is always now.






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