Make it happen

So I found myself sitting in a coffee shop at 9am on a Monday morning after dropping the kids off at school. How did I get this lucky? #lifegoals

I don’t remember running into a leprechaun, or finding a four leave clover, or even a bird shitting on me. So is it really luck? What is luck anyway? I found a definition which reads as, “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

What chances did I take? I took a chance submitting my CV in the form of a job application. I took a chance to go for an interview. I took a chance on answering the questions they asked in a way that I thought they would like me to answer. They took a chance on offering me the job. And all those chances lead to me giving 15 years to a company, which I ate, breathed and bled. And by chance, I enjoyed my time there. For the most part anyway. I was treated well financially, and this took care of all my daily needs and made me feel happy and secure. Some would call this “lucky”.

Now back to why I’m sitting in the coffee shop and not in the lucky place I found myself for last 15 years. Sometimes we need to sit back and take stock of all our lucky breaks. And when I looked at it, it was not looking so lucky anymore. I felt the need to make new luck. So here I am sitting, in a track pants and t shirt, with an open laptop, looking like those smug people you only see when you’re on leave. This feels like the new luck right now.

So my original question, how did I get this lucky? And is it luck at all. Nothing in life is. We make decisions every day that leads us to the next day. Some of them work out, some of them don’t. And none of that is through chance. How I found myself here is to look at my life consciously. While I was sitting in a corporate environment for those 15 years, there were times I felt happy and excited to be there, now I find myself sitting here feeling happy and excited. There is no right and wrong way, no success or failure. All we need to do is MAKE IT HAPPEN. And that’s what I’m doing here.






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