I’ll do it when I’m rich

How many times have I heard this, and in actual fact how many times have I said it myself. What is being rich anyway?

Here I am sitting in an Airport Business Lounge, being waited on with all you can eat food and drink. How does things like this happen to someone like me. I’m waiting to board an international flight, business class I might add, for a two week trip overseas. Isn’t this what rich people do. I remember thinking about travelling from a young age, but it was almost something that only rich people do. Business class and Airport Lounges, must be for mega rich then. But I’m most certainly not rich. My bank account can attest to that for sure. So how did I land up here?

How did I suddenly make myself rich to achieve this dream? I realised that richness is not defined by a bank balance. We have everyday expenses and bills to pay of course. And these are a priority without a doubt. But how do you prioritise yourself? How much effort is put into the parts of life that make YOU smile. “But my kids come first” or “I have to pay the rent” I hear you say. This doesn’t change the fact that you neglecting yourself.

Richness comes to those who want it, and in the form they want it. Richness comes in the quality of life you want for yourself. My richness in this instance comes in the form of my love for travel. I learn, I see, I explore and this grows my richness. It grows my want to learn, and see, and explore more. I become a richer person, not through a financial statement, but through my being. And because I want it, I MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Where is your richness? It could be in the form of that new car, or that extension on the house you’ve been dreaming of. It could be that you’d like to study further. It could be like mine, a want to travel. When you make that investment in enriching yourself, you will discover the other side of you that will make all those other things, that is taking up your richness, easier. So what’s stopping you? Who is standing in the way of you becoming rich? Only YOU!!






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