Month: April 2019

  • I’ll do it when I’m rich

    I’ll do it when I’m rich

    How many times have I heard this, and in actual fact how many times have I said it myself. What is being rich anyway? Here I am sitting in an Airport Business Lounge, being waited on with all you can eat food and drink. How does things like this happen to someone like me. I’m…

  • Pay the ransom

    Pay the ransom

    Another day another dollar. Or is it another day in a hostage situation? I find myself driving into work everyday, not sure if it can be called driving actually. I think the term TRAFFICKING should be the word used for that commute rather than driving. Which is such an appropriate term, because once you finally…

  • Make it happen

    Make it happen

    So I found myself sitting in a coffee shop at 9am on a Monday morning after dropping the kids off at school. How did I get this lucky? #lifegoals I don’t remember running into a leprechaun, or finding a four leave clover, or even a bird shitting on me. So is it really luck? What is…