Pay the ransom

Another day another dollar. Or is it another day in a hostage situation?

I find myself driving into work everyday, not sure if it can be called driving actually. I think the term TRAFFICKING should be the word used for that commute rather than driving. Which is such an appropriate term, because once you finally get to the destination you feel a sense of relief to be then walking into a “hostage situation”. Relieved to be walking into a drudgery where while “working”, the next thing you look forward to is to get back into that TRAFFIC to get home. Then you get home and you can’t function because you already thinking about the repetition of tomorrow, and the next day and the next day.

This sound familiar?

Why would I choose to do this to myself?? What makes me go back to this day after day for over a decade?? WOW. Talk about a sucker for punishment!!

“Like sands though the hour glass, so are the days of our lives” sounds like the best way to describe it. All while wishing you could be possessed like Marlena and dreaming about ways of how to take out that one (maybe two, maybe all) colleague who just needs to get a life.

Is it really them that need to get a life though? Are they maybe thinking the same about me? So who really needs to get a life? Am I doing something wrong here? Surely after more than 10 years I should’ve figured this out by now. I’ve hear the definition of insanity playing in my head, “Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.”

There must be a better way to get this rock up the hill. Rolling it isn’t going to fucking work.






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  1. Cognitive Psyc Avatar
    Cognitive Psyc

    Lol the perspective is well aligned with the truths brought up by reality. It’s a sad circle of self harm in forms of subconscious acceptance to the fact that many of us actually undergo the punishments, looking to pass blame to others where it’s really by our own decisions.
    Very good topic, one could, for days on end discuss with “limitless” views. A good read. Wish you dove deeper lol.

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